Campo Brillante is our after-school program for ESL children K-12 grade. The primary goal of Campo Brillante is to improve academic proficiency and English language skills. The program helps children with homework and uses reading strategies & creative games to reinforce learning.

Along with our regular volunteers, TPSD Provides certified teachers who use reading strategies and creative games to reinforce learning.

We serve as host the Early Childhood Coalition’s Mission Acceleration Reading Program, which provides valuable supplemental teaching to our students.

Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to extend our tutoring services to a great number of Lee County area students.

El Centro also provides various summer activities to keep the children engaged in learning throughout the year.

Some of our students have been with us for many years. We are so proud of who they have become – they have worked so hard, matured and excelled over the years! Walk down memory lane with us…